Thursday, March 10, 2005


Well, it's finally over. Dan Rather's reign as anchor of the 'CBS Evening News with Dan Rather' mercifully came to an end yesterday. That's the good news. The bad news is he will still remain with the network as a contributor to '60 Minutes'. It seems to me a bit ironic that the network sees fit to allow him to continue on the one program that eventually led to his downfall. If Dan Rather had worked for anyone else other than CBS, he probably wouldn't have made it past November 2004 when the forged document fiasco reared it's ugly head. Heck, if he would have worked in any business I've ever set foot in, he would have been booted out the door in mid- sentence with the boot he was kicked with, followed quickly by his personal effects in rapid succession. Dan should consider himself fortunate indeed that he lasted as long as he did and that he worked for an organization that considered truth in reporting and fact-checking a mere inconvenience. If the truth be told, Dan was a slick as a used-car salesman at a leisure suit convention, his news reporting as rusty as the lug nuts on a '55 Chevy, and his honesty as thin as turnip soup. Dan used expressions like these in his news reporting but probably never thought they would be used to describe him. Here's a new idea Dan, if you report the news honestly and without bias, you don't have to use colorful expressions and euphemisms to keep your audience interested. The truth will speak for itself. I guess it's to late for that now. One more thing, Dan.....COURAGE.

That's my view, What's yours?

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