Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Note to Media: Watch Your Backs!

Jacqueline at Red State Rant has a great post today regarding the across-the-board numbers drop currently being experienced in all areas of the mainstream media.

An excerpt of what she had to say:

This is a strong message from morals and values Red State America---a message that says loudly and clearly: "We've had enough of your secular-humanism and political propagandizing on our time and our dime. While you have freedom of the press and freedom of speech, we have freedom of choice of where we get our information and what kind of information and entertainment we want. We also have freedom not to listen to and allow you to patronize us with your secular indoctrination, political correctness, increasing vulgarity and hate-speech, and mocking of our faith. We've declared our independence from your long years of control of news, views and entertainment.

The rant is in response to an op-ed by John Podhertz in the New York Post titled "Mass-Media Meltdown". In it he describes the root causes of the mainstream media's problem:

But it can't be a coincidence that the five major pillars of the American media — movies, television, radio, recorded music and newspapers — are all suffering at the same time. And it isn't. Something major has changed over the past year, as the availability of alternative sources of information and entertainment has finally reached critical mass.

Newly empowered consumers are letting the producers, creators and managers of the nation's creative and news content know that they are dissatisfied with the product they're being peddled....And it goes without saying that the Internet has transformed the way people interested in news can get their information.

The bottom line is this: The mainstream media, in all of it's forms, is not the only game in town anymore. As far as news and information is concerned, people are going several different places to get news and information and doing their own fact checking instead of watching the nightly news as they did in the past. The primary reasons are because the facts are much more accessible now than they were in the past and also because they generally don't trust the media to fact check themselves or report them without bias. It's as simple as that!

I wonder if they'll get the hint. I, for one, won't be betting the ranch just yet.

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