Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Sign This Petition!

Jay at Stop the ACLU is back from what I imagine was a well deserved vacation. Drop by and welcome him back! While you are there, take a moment to sign the Petition to Stop Judicial Tyranny that he has posted.

Here's the summary:


As a concerned citizen, I am deeply disturbed by the latest Supreme Court rulings undermining our rights and the Constitution. I am calling on the President to nominate, and the Senate to confirm to the U.S. Supreme Court and all federal courts, only those nominees who:
--Uphold the original meaning of the Constitution.
--Defend the right of the people to publicly acknowledge God and affirm that children in the womb deserve the same legal protection the rest of us enjoy.

I am also urging the U.S. Senate to change the filibustering rules and end the ideological blockade against President Bush’s court nominees.

Let's remember that it's the role of the legislative branch to make law and the role of the judiciary to enforce that law, not the other way around.

Welcome Back Jay!


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