Sunday, October 23, 2005

I Oppose the Miers Nomination

N. Z. Bear is running a new tracking page to show where the blogosphere stands on the Miers nomination, so I thought I would end my silence on the matter and reveal my choice here.

I realize nominations to fill vacancies on the Supreme Court rest solely with the President. It is then up to the Senate to vote for confirmation, whether up or down. In this case, I hope the nomination is either withdrawn, which appears to be unlikely, or that Miers is not confirmed, which appears more likely every day.

I believe you can support the President without supporting every decision he makes. As a concerned citizen, it is my duty and obligation to voice my opinion. As a conservative, I don't believe it would be honest for me not to voice my opposition to this appointment, especially considering the stakes.

This opposition has nothing to do with Miers qualifications. There is nothing in the Constitution that says that a Supreme Court nominee has to be a judge or for that matter, even a lawyer. If the nominee is currently breathing, then technically they are qualified.

My opposition is based solely on philosophy. I simply don't know where Miers stands on anything. One minute a report will say she is pro this or pro that, ten minutes later another report will say the exact opposite. I need more assurance than that. I deserve more than that.

The President said he would only nominate strict constructionists who would not legislate from the bench. I don't know what Miers will do. She is an unknown in a vast sea of knowns. She may turn out to be more conservative than Scalia, or more liberal than Bader-Ginsburg. I simply don't know. With the stakes as high as they are, not knowing is simply not acceptable.

This is not political, it is about the potential effect it could have on our lives. Overall, I support the President, but I am not a mouthpiece of the administration nor am I obligated to regurgitate the daily White House talking points. I am a conservative first and foremost, and this nomination smells like pure politics to me. Whether it is or not, remains to be seen.

I believe the President is at the table in a poker game with our futures at stake. In his hand he holds a Royal Straight Flush, and so far, he appears to have folded. If the nomination goes through, I certainly hope my feelings are proven wrong. It would be much easier to eat crow if I am wrong, than to live with the consequences if I am right.


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