Thursday, December 22, 2005

Santa to ACLU: No,You're Still On The Naughty List!

I just got my computer back and operational again, and thought I would do a little blogroll surfing. Having grown weary of politics as usual, it was refreshing to see this post at Stop the ACLU.

Apparently, the moonbats at the ACLU are soliciting help from none other than the big man in the red suit to help them in their efforts to put a stop to the Bush Administration efforts to wiretap and collect information on their Al Qaeda friends. Note the following:

Dear Mr. Kringle,

Although we here at the American Civil Liberties Union do not believe in the so-called Christmas holiday as we find it exclusive, we feel that in the event we are in error on this topic that we would be remiss if we fail to ask for your assistance in an important matter to our organization...

We here at the ACLU are firm believers in covering all of our bases. And in the event that we are incorrect about the legitimacy of the dreaded “C” word, we felt it important to solicit you for your assistance in this matter. We are also consulting a Voodoo Priestess, rubbing our rabbit’s feet, wishing on stars and 4 leaf clovers, and praying to the non-existent “God” that Christians and Jews say exists just on the chance that we have been incorrect in this field.

Note to Anthony Romero:

Santa's a little busy this week preparing for that little "C" word event that you don't believe in. Unlike you, he actually has plans on spreading a little cheer and goodwill during the, cover your eyes, Christmas Season.

You might also consider getting yourself off of the naughty list before actually asking for anything from the big man. He sees you when you're sleeping, he knows when you're a flake, he knows if you've been bad or good... you get the idea, right?

Attention Trolls: Yes, I know the Letter to Santa by the ACLU is not real, but it's also not that far-fetched either if you really think about it.

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