Saturday, June 03, 2006

FDA Still Fighting (And Losing) The Battle of the Bulge

(Via The Washington Times)

Well, it looks like the Food and Drug Administration is no longer satisfied with letting the consumer know what is in the food we eat; they now want restaurants to control what and how much of it we eat when we dine out:

The federal government wants smaller portion sizes at restaurants and nutritional information listed on menus.

As Americans eat more food away from home, the Food and Drug Administration said yesterday the nation's 900,000 restaurants needed to take the lead in cutting fat and the agency laid out ways to help people manage their intake of calories.

How stupid does the FDA think we are? I have a little extra around the middle and I know exactly how it got there: I've eaten more calories than I've burned off! I also know how to lose weight: I have to burn more calories than I take in!

It really doesn't matter what the FDA does to try to force people to lose weight; it simply won't work without personal responsiblility. It is now, and always will be, up to each individual to change their own habits and do those things which lead to weight loss and better health.

Smaller portions may provide a healthier bottom line for restraurants, but they won't lead to healthier waistlines. We will eat until we are full! The real trick is learning exactly when that is.

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