Sunday, March 27, 2005

Are You Kidding Me?

Now I've seen it all! Sam Kimery of Tulsa, OK has actually created a device that he is selling for $8.95 that will block Fox News from your television set. Is he suggesting that liberals either don't have the ability or the intelligence to turn the channel or the set off? I've known a lot of liberals in my time, and while I may not agree with them politically, I am quite sure they are capable of tuning out Fox News without any help from Sam.

I'm not trying to make waves here, but there is another way to do the same thing, and it doesn't cost one red cent. While I don't think anyone should intentionally block Fox News, I can't sit idly by and let this man take money from people needlessly. All one has to do to block any channel is take out the remote to your TV, go to the menu, find the add/delete section of the menu, and then delete the channel you don't want in the rotation. Do you want to know what happens then? When you scroll through the channels, the tuner will automatically skip past that channel every time. Problem Solved! If your TV does not have this capability, then throw it away and purchase a new one because it is so old that it will probably go out soon anyway. You don't have to thank me now. I am just happy I have been able to save people $8.95 of their hard earned money. By the way Sam, if you ever create a device that will block ABC, NBC, and CBS News, CNN and MSNBC simultaneously, then you might be on to something.

Read the story: The Seattle Times

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