Monday, March 21, 2005

Howard Dean Unglued!

I saw this article in the Toronto Star today. The Headline is “Spreading the Message” by Peter Gorrie, Staff Reporter. Take a look at the first two paragraphs:

"Keep it simple" is the key to the White House, failed Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean told members of his party from around the world last night.

One major reason his party lost the 2004 race to the "brain-dead" Republicans is that it has a "tendency to explain every issue in half an hour of detail," Dean told the semi-annual meeting of Democrats Abroad, which brought about 150 members from Canada and 30 other countries to the Toronto for two days.

Basically, DNC Chairman Howard Dean is calling the Republicans “brain dead”. It takes a half hour to explain every issue the Democrats espouse, yet it is supposed to be the Republicans who are brain dead. If it takes that long to explain every issue the Democrats have, then maybe, just maybe, it is an issue not worth supporting. Good ideas don’t take long to be understood and accepted.

The hilarious part of the story appears in the forth paragraph:

The Democrats, in fact, will try to copy the Republicans, who are masters at making their message stick, he said. "The Democrats will have three things, maybe four, that we're going to talk about."

I’m no expert here, but does it make any sense to call someone “brain dead” and then later determine that the best way to deal with them is to copy what they are doing because they are masters at making their message stick? It sounds to me like the Democrats are the ones that are a little lacking in grey matter department not the Republicans. The problem is not in the presentation of the issues but in the substance of them.

Read the story: The Toronto Star

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