Sunday, March 13, 2005

Face to Face with a Killer

I am sure everyone who has been at least awake for the past two days has been following the story of Brian Nichols, the man who, on Friday Morning, March 11, shot and killed a judge and 3 others in an Atlanta, Ga courthouse before fleeing to parts unknown. Unknown that is, until Saturday morning when a courageous woman in a Duluth, Ga apartment complex telephoned authorities and told them where they could pick him up. Sure enough, he was apparently right where she said he would be and waved the white flag or T-shirt of surrender to the SWAT team that was waiting outside, loaded for bear. When I heard the news of his capture, two thoughts immediately entered my mind. The first thing I remember thinking was how ironic it was that this waste of human flesh, who the day before had a total disregard for human life now suddenly thought his worth saving. The other was how brave and cool under pressure the female hostage must have been to have escaped the situation with her life. Little is known, or is being reported about exactly how she got away, but what is known is that she spoke to him about God, her husband who had passed away, and her daughter. I suppose even someone who is as messed up as Brian Nichols can be made to think logically, if only for a brief moment. I think he finally was forced by this woman to think about the consequences of his actions and the void the death of one person, not to mention four people, can make on many others. Of course I am just speculating here, but I also believe he was forced in those moments to consider the existence and power of the Almighty God and may have realized that this was one judge he couldn't take down. In this day and age where every reference to God is trying to be removed from the public consciousness by the ACLU and activist judges, it should at least be acknowledged that the same God they are trying to remove may have, in fact, kept the death toll from being five instead of four, and used this female hostage as his means to accomplish it. It is, at the very least, a possibility to consider.

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That's my view... What's your's?

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