Thursday, October 27, 2005

Sheehan's "Die-In" Schedule

As much as I hate to give them a link, Cindy Sheehan has posted her upcoming "Grim Milestone" schedule on The Huffington Post:

As we all know, the American death toll in Iraq reached 2000 yesterday. I
believe most people in America are in mourning today whether we are pro- or
anti-war. I can speak for myself, I am.
A few dozen of us held vigil at the
White House yesterday. At 6 PM about 15 or 20 of us "died" to symbolize the
unnecessary deaths in Iraq.

We all represented one soldier and 50 Iraqis. We are hoping that 2000
Americans come out in support of us during the next 3 days and "die" with us to
show our misleaders and media what 2000 dead Americans looks like.
Today at
11 AM we will take a wreath to Arlington Cemetery to mourn all of our citizens
who have been killed in war, but especially this war. Then we will vigil at the
White House from 12 PM to 8 PM. There will be other vigils at the White House
this evening.
At 7:30 PM tonight we will symbolically die again. Tonight, I
won't get up when they tell me to.

Call me crazy, but I thought she said she was "going to tie myself to the fence and refuse to leave until they agree to bring our troops home". Apparently, she has changed her strategy from a "tie-in" to a "die-in". It must be a tough gig if you have to have a practice session to prepare for a stunt that consists of falling to the ground, closing your eyes, and being very still. Of course for it to be totally realistic, you must also stop breathing, but I doubt she will take it that far.

Does she honestly expect President Bush to be sitting in the Oval Office talking to someone on the red phone, casually glance out the window, drop the phone and exclaim "Somebody get Cheney and Rumsfeld in here!""Sheehan's playing possum on the front lawn again, so I think it's time to rethink the war plan." If that's what she expects, she will be sorely disappointed.

I would also like to point out to Ms. Sheehan that the "misleaders" have a pretty good idea what "2000 dead Americans look like". The actual number in this case is 2,986, most of them Americans. They all died in one day on American soil, and it looked something like this. Perhaps she remembers it.

Following a largely nonsensical diatribe aimed squarely at President Bush, she closes with this:

The indictments will hopefully be coming down to highlight the culture of
corruption in this criminal administration that extends down to Congress and the
What the indictments highlight to America and to the world is the
wanton disregard for laws and humanity that Bush and Co. have. They also
highlight to the world how apathetic we in America are towards letting criminals
run our country.
The upcoming indictments show me AGAIN that they stole
Casey's life and 1999 other lives. They show me that we are allowing them to
also steal our treasure and good reputations.
I have had enough. I will not
allow them to steal anything else from me.

If these "indictments" are upcoming, how can they show her anything? Don't they have to be issued first? One thing these "indictments" will not show is Bush and Co. stealing "Casey's life and 1999 other lives." Casey as well as the other 1,999 willingly put their lives on the line by enlisting. Blaming Bush and Co. for their deaths may make her feel better inside, but it still doesn't make it true.

Before I get off of the Cindy Sheehan bandwagon for what I hope is the last time, I would like to point out one other intersting tidbit: I've been scanning the news channels since 8pm EDT and here's what the media is reporting: Nothing! Not one single word!

I predict it won't be long before this "die-in" becomes a "walk-out".

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