Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Jacoby Says it All!

Jeff Jacoby has a column in The Boston Globe today that is so honest, powerful, and well-written, that any words I could summon to describe it would merely detract from it's value. Instead, I will simply point it out to you and let you read it for yourself. The column is entitled "The good news from Iraq is not fit to print".

Here's but a portion:

The announcement on Oct. 25 that the first genuinely democratic national
charter in Arab history had been approved by 79 percent of Iraqis was a major
piece of good news. It confirmed the courage of Iraq's people and their hunger
for freedom and decent governance. It advanced the US campaign to democratize a
country that for 25 years had been misruled by a mass-murdering sociopath. It
underscored the decision by Iraq's Sunnis, who had boycotted the parliamentary
elections in January, to pursue their goals through ballots, not bullets. And it
dealt a humiliating blow to the bombers and beheaders -- to the likes of
Islamist butcher Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, who earlier this year declared ''a fierce
war on this evil principle of democracy" and threatened to kill anyone who took
part in the elections.

No question: If you think that defeating
Islamofascism, extending liberty, and transforming the Middle East are
important, it's safe to say you saw the ratification of the new constitution as
the Iraqi news story of the week.

But that isn't how the mainstream media saw it.

Read the whole thing here. Seriously, read..the..whole..thing! When you finish, email it to your entire address book, read it to your children, post it on your refrigerator. Do whatever it takes to get this message out and ensure the mainstream media suffer the consequences for the disservice they have done to this country. Let's all follow Jeff Jacoby's example and spread the news the mainstream media has deemed unfit to print. America deserves the truth!


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