Monday, January 30, 2006

Stein on Stein

Betsy Newmark points to a column by Ben Stein in which he offers an alternative view to that of Joel Stein of the Los Angeles Times:

Do I support men and women who are fighting Nazis who call themselves insurgents or Islamic militants? Do I support men and women who offer up their lives to fight the very same terrorists who killed three thousand totally guiltless Americans on 9/11? Do I support the troops who have more moral decency in their toes than I do or anyone I know does in our whole bodies? I support them, pray for them, am humbled just to be on the same planet with them. With every morning I wake up, every meal I eat, every walk I take in freedom, every night I sleep in peace, I ask God to look after the men and women who guard the ramparts of this blessed island of peace and decency called America. Without them, we would be nothing. Without them, Joel Stein would have his head sawed off. Saints in armor is what I call them and what they are. They are God's gifts to a wayward world.

Are you paying attention Joel? If he can read this and still have the same opinion of our troops as he had last week, then I suppose nothing will make a difference to him.
I'm not holding my breath.

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