Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Saddam On Hunger Strike!

In a display of intellect comparable only to that fellow who penned a stick up note on the back of a check stub, Saddam Hussein today, threatened to slowly kill himself if the court doesn’t start treating him nice:

BAGHDAD, Iraq - After shouts, insults, arguments and walkouts, Saddam Hussein and three of his co-defendants unveiled a new show-stealing tactic Tuesday: They announced in court that they had gone on hunger strike.

Saddam said the strike was called to protest the tough way chief judge Raouf Abdel-Rahman has conducted the court since he took over last month.

"For three days we have been holding a hunger strike protesting against your way of treating us — against you and your masters," the former Iraqi leader said. Their claims could not be independently confirmed.

At the rate this trial is going, death by starvation is really the only glimmer of hope for a verdict within my lifetime. As an added bonus, Saddam not only handles his own execution, but his cronies are apparently more than willing to play along.

Call me crazy, but I’m having trouble seeing a downside assuming Saddam is serious and feeding tubes can be kept away from him. It would be too perfect! Somebody pinch me!

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