Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Sheehan Arrested...Again!

Mike's America notes the arrest yesterday of Cindy Sheehan in New York. As disturbing as it is to watch the continuing antics of the former media darling anti-war protester, it is not nearly as disturbing as this photo:

Mike points to the photo as evidence that "Muther Sheewitch" is not on a hunger strike. I agree based on the evidence, but I'll withhold further comment on the photo, being quite gifted in the girth department myself. It's that whole pot calling the kettle black thing, if you know what I mean.

I can, however, say I told you so. This woman absolutely defies logic! I've never in my life seen someone so desperate to extend their 15 minutes of fame that they would go to such outrageous lengths just to remain in the spotlight. I was right when I said she would rapidly become a non-story, but I totally misjudged what her reaction would be when it finally happened. I honestly thought she would have figured it out by now.

Note to Ms. Sheehan: If the only way you can continue to receive press coverage is by getting arrested and the only newsworthy photographs of you reveal abs that more closely resemble a pony keg than a six pack, then you should really consider the reality that your 15 minutes are officially over.

This is not a hint or a warning sign: It is a fully cocked, open palmed, five fingered, slap in the face. The press now considers you a laughingstock. They didn't publish this picture by accident, they did it on purpose. Give it up and seek professional help. It's over!

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