Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Great News For Day-by-Day Fans!

I'm a huge fan of the political cartoon Day-by-Day by Chris Muir. Most right-leaning blogs either link to the cartoon in their sidebar or display the full cartoon prominently on their page.

Unfortunately, a lot of us who use Blogger and other platforms have been limited in our display options because they don't support PHP parsing. Tempus Fugit provided a vertical option that could be displayed in blogs that support PHP parsing, but that still left some of us with only the horizontal option which couldn't be displayed properly using our chosen templates. That is until now!

Basil, who runs a little blog called basil's blog came up with a solution. He figured out a way to display Day By Day using Javascript and CSS that will fit neatly within most sidebars. The real genius of the solution is that it only requires a simple copy and paste of the code to the spot in your template where you would like it to appear. He submitted the code for approval by Chris Muir and has received his blessing to release it.

He has posted the code here and also as an Alliance blog tip. While you're there, check out all of the blog tips posted by Basil and Phin. They cover everything from etiquitte tips to spam proofing your e-mail address and are a valuable source of useful information.

Additionally, I would like to thank Basil for allowing me the opportunity to participate in code testing here for the last couple of days. I got to see firsthand not only the effort it took to write the code (it looks rather daunting), but also the determination he had to keep tweaking until it was just right. He's done a great service for Day by Day fans everywhere. Be sure to stop by and give him a big thumbs up.

Thanks, Basil!

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