Thursday, April 20, 2006

Some Notes and Advice on Objectionable Blog Content

UPDATE 4/25/06: Some links and information have been removed from this post for reasons that I am not at liberty to discuss. Full disclosure, while regretable, is not possible at this time. Thank you in advance for understanding.

Suzie at Assorted Babble and many other bloggers have been working on an effort with Stacy Harp of Active Christian Media, to track down child porn websites and get them shut down.

One site in particular is (site information removed by author) which promotes homosexual activity between adults and underage children. Suzie pointed out that what she saw there left her speechless and sick to her stomach. The blog has been flagged for objectionable content by many bloggers(including myself), but Blogger apparently is not particularly concerned about it. Complaints seem to have fallen on deaf ears and that is shameful, to say the least.

The effort to get the blog removed appeared to have worked initially, but it reappeared later with graphic photos after everyone trying to get it shut down had put up links on their blogs so that others could easily flag it. It is suggested that you do not link this blog and if you have already linked it, delink it immediately.

Whoever the scumbag is that is running this blog is in my estimation either trying to create links to his blog in an underhanded way so that it will attract more viewers or knows that he is in trouble and is wanting to try to bring down as many people as he can along with him, regardless of whether the links were intended to shut the blog down or not.

Links and browser cache tracks are potential poison, even to those who are doing it for good, because they don't reflect the intent of the viewer they just record a visit.
If I can offer one piece of advice to anyone involved in this type of effort, it is this:

Clear your cache and delink any objectionable site immediately! Make sure you are on record as to what your intentions are when you report the site. The authorities to whom you report need to know that you saw this against your will or that you are a part of an effort to get it shut down, and that is why you are reporting it. Unless you are known without a doubt by the proper authorities to be in an effort to get the site shut down, do not under any circumstances point your browser back to that site!!! Do not allow them to suck you in to their crime!! You do not want to have a visit history to an illegal site anywhere on your hard drive. Once can be considered accidental; a history of visits can land you in court with little more than your word as your defense. If you use Blogger, you need to look no further than Betsy's Page to realize how quickly your blog, and all the evidence of your good intentions can disappear.

As far as Blogger is concerned, they have responded to requests to remove this blog in about the same way as they did Betsy Newmark when her blog disappeared: They've done absolutely nothing!

Google and Blogger have created a less than stellar track record for themselves lately, but ignoring this problem, for me crosses the line.

Check out Assorted Babble for all of the information on how to file complaints and what you can do to help in this effort. She has done a fantastic job, along with many others, in keeping the heat on these predators and those that are giving them a voice. Start at the top and scroll down the page for the complete history. Add a link to her in your blogroll , thank her for her efforts, and tell others about the effort to eliminate blogs that promote illegal activity.

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