Wednesday, May 03, 2006

May 1st Was Civil Rights Day In Cuba?

Mike's America picked up on something that I completely missed on Monday:

With Fidel Castro presiding, the General Secretary of Cuba's Workers Confederation, Pedro Ross Leal expressed support for demonstrations in the United States in defense of the civil rights of immigrants in that country. He made a direct reference to the mass "Day Without Immigrants" work stoppage being staged across the US on Monday.

Since when did Castro and his minions become supporters of civil rights and the freedom to demonstrate? It must be the dawning of a "New Day in Cuba"!

I'll bet the mainstream media is kicking themselves over this missed opportunity!

I can see the headlines now:

The Softer Side of Fidel, The New Face of Communism, The Compassionate Communism of Fidel Castro,, blah!, blah!, blah!

Mike sums it up brilliantly:

It's an easy cheap shot to take. It's not like Cuba has to worry about any illegals from the U.S. breaking into Cuba!

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I can't seem to recall an instance when a makeshift raft enroute between Cuba and Miami has been found to be pointing southward.

I guess there really is no limit to the depths at which the communist propaganda of Cuba will sink. Don't you find it pathetically ironic that the citizens of Cuba can't openly protest Pedro Ross Leal's defense of the "rights" of illegal immigrants in a foreign country to demonstrate, without running the considerable risk of becoming the target of tommorrow's target practice? I certainly do!

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