Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Note to TypePad: Basil's Not Pleased!

I'm sure some of you remember the Late 70's -Early 80's Television Series "The Incredible Hulk" starring Bill Bixby as David Banner. I realize I am dating myself here, but I haven't had a thought remotely related to that show in years: That is, until today. Today I remembered one line in particular from the entire series and that was when David Banner uttered these words:

"Don't make me angry!", "You wouldn't like me when I'm angry!"

He, of course, was referring to the transformation he made from Dr. David Banner to big green monster that liked to tear stuff up. Needless to say, it was painful to watch.

For some reason these words came immediately to my mind when I read this post at Basil's Blog. Apparently, TypePad is having some real issues with TrackBack. If you haven't guessed already, Basil uses TrackBack. A lot! A Whoooole lot! In fact, if it hadn't already been invented, I'd lay odds that Basil would have invented it. That's because he uses his "little blog", as he calls it, to bring attention to lots of other "little blogs".

Now Basil may not know very much about a lot of us, but I would be willing to bet that most of us know a lot about Basil. If you are an inexperienced template fiddler such as myself and have wanted to make a change to your template without turning it into The White Album, then chances are you have either read the Blogger Tips by Basil and Phin or you have dropped a question in one of their inboxes.

Which brings me to my point: If you are TypePad, and Basil is your customer, You don't want to make him angry!

Don't let the baby picture or the suprisingly civil tone of the letter fool you: Basil has coattails!
If he leaves TypePad, he'll be taking a lot of folks with him. There are few certainties in this life, but this is one of them.

If you are TypePad and Basil offers his troubleshooting expertise, Take it! And when he says he would have caught the problem before it made it to production, Believe it!

He may not turn into a big green monster, but he can sure make your life miserable.

I'm going to attempt to send Basil a TrackBack to let him know that I am aware of his misery. Fortunately, I'm not on TypePad.

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