Monday, March 28, 2005

Hillary in '08? Let's Hope Not!

I saw a story on News Max today that really caught my attention. Although everything that can be said about the Terri Schiavo saga has already been said by one person or another, this story about Hillary Clinton causes me some concern. Whether a Republican or a Democrat wins the next election, we should all agree that the sanctity of life should be of paramount concern.

According to the article, Hillary Clinton has been nowhere to be seen during the last ten days or so of the Schiavo case. But in 1993, she was singing a different tune. She actually wanted to make it 'easier to deny long term care to patients with little chance of recovery'. It begins to get scary when you read what she actually said during her 1993 pitch of her health care reform plan: "I think there should be a discussion in this country about what is appropriate care . . . with more thought and more concern about both the human and the economic cost," she told the Senate Finance Committee.

Referring to her own health care plan, Hillary explained:

"If we do this health care reform right [we can] create the kind of security we're talking about so that people will know that they're not being denied treatment for any reason other than it is not appropriate, it will not enhance or save the quality of life."

Apparently, according to Ms. Clinton, economic factors should be weighed equally with health issues in determining whether someone should live or die.

I sincerely hope that we never get to a point in this country that we decide whether a person lives or dies based on whether or not it fits within our budget. When the value of a life begins to be measured in dollar signs instead of vital signs, then what value will any of us truly have? I am afraid that is a price none of us can afford to pay.

That's My View... What's Your's?

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