Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Is Anyone Buying This?

Robert Blake was acquitted of the murder of his wife/grifter/nude model Bonny Lee Bakley in Los Angeles today. There must have been a problem with all of the compelling "circumstantial" evidence surrounding the case. I guess if you try to hire three different individuals to knock off your wife, you deserve a lot of credit for picking hit men whose credibility would be questioned due to heavy drug use or for just being a thug-turned minister. I suppose we are to believe that most people you hire to carry out a hit on your wife would be of impeccable character whose word would be as good as gold. You probably aren't going to find a lot of fine, upstanding citizens who just happen to do murder-for-hire on the side to supplement their incomes. And, of course, the fact that gunshot residue was found on Blake's hands, doesn't necessarily mean that he actually fired the weapon that ended his wife's life. It could just as easily have come from a weapon used to scare sea birds from the deck of his ocean side home. Of course, there is no reason to believe Blake would have committed the crime himself based on the six months of wedded bliss he and his wife shared.

So lets recap:

1. You try to hire two stuntmen and a minister to whack your wife.

2.They refuse, but testify that you asked them to do the job.

3. The two stuntmen and minister are found to be either too drunk, or too stoned to be credible.

4. You whack her yourself and throw the gun in a dumpster.

5. You get gunshot residue totally unrelated to the crime on your hands.

6. You have a four month trial and are found not guilty.

Open and Shut right?

That's My View... What's Yours?

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