Monday, April 11, 2005

The Truth About Why John Kerry Lost

Once again, John Kerry is on the record citing problems with Election 2004. While speaking to the League of Women Voters crowd in Boston on Sunday, Kerry had this to say:

"Last year too many people were denied their right to vote, too many who tried to vote were intimidated."

And also this:

"Leaflets are handed out saying Democrats vote on Wednesday, Republicans vote on Tuesday. People are told in telephone calls that if you've ever had a parking ticket, you're not allowed to vote," he said.

I have a question, Just how stupid are the voters that would vote for you if they would be fooled by tactics such as this? Also, for once in your political life, would you like to offer one shred of proof that any of this actually occurred? You won't because you can't and you know it.

At this point, I feel compelled to offer you, Mr. Kerry, the real reason you lost in '04. I don't know if it comes from a sense of civic duty or from utter frustration at all of the unfounded allegations you make, but I will offer it nonetheless if you care to pay heed. The real reason you lost has everything to do with you and nothing whatsoever to do with an intimidated or tricked electorate.

Here it is Mr. Kerry, My Top Ten Reasons you lost:

  1. You ran as a pro-war, anti-war candidate (depending on the day, hour, etc. ) with a "better plan" for the War on Terror. The problem is, you never shared this magic plan with anyone.
  2. You would not release your military records (and still haven't) and therefore allowed the Swift Boat Veterens campaign to become wildly successful. Could it be that your release of these records would have proven them right?
  3. You took multiple positions on every issue. People will not stand for you if you don't stand for something.
  4. You are a liberal! Just admit it! You can't pretend you are something that you are not. Whether you want to believe it or not, a liberal agenda is not mainstream and you can't bring people around to your way of thinking by pretending to be conservative. We all know you are not.
  5. Better hair does not win elections. (Feel free to share this with your running mate, John Edwards)
  6. You threw your Vietnam medals, ribbons, someone else's medals, pocket lint, or whatever it is you choose to call it today, over the White House fence. Not very patriotic for a war hero/presidential candidate.
  7. You painted yourself as a common man when everyone knows you are an elitist. "Can I get me a huntin' license here?", didn't do it for anyone I know.
  8. Your party has been overtaken by the far left "hate" wing of the party and you went right along for the ride. Hate doesn't win elections, ideas do.
  9. You failed to unite even your own party around your candidacy. They didn't actually want you. They wanted the Dean before the screaming, but settled for a candidate called "Anybody but Bush".
  10. Teresa! Teresa! Teresa!
Mr. Kerry, you can scream "voter intimidation" all you want, but it is starting to ring very hollow. The fact of the matter is that all of the people that want to vote and are smart enough to vote, find a way to vote. You just have to find a way to deal with the fact that the only intimidation that occured in the last election was an electorate terrified to vote for you.

That's My View... What's Your's?

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