Thursday, March 31, 2005

You Deserved Better!

Terri Schiavo

You deserved to live on your own terms and die at a time of God's choosing.

You deserved more prayers and fewer right-to-die attorneys.

You deserved to be with your parents who wanted you to live instead of a husband and lawyer who waited for your last breath.

You deserved to die with dignity, which, contrary to your husband's attorney, you were not allowed to do.

You deserved to be able to choose your own destiny instead of having it chosen for you.

You deserved to be fed and hydrated, and to be surrounded by those who loved you instead of those who wished you harm.

You deserved a judiciary who would enforce the law instead of rewrite it to fit their agendas.

You deserved equal protection under the law.

You deserved due process.

You deserved to be heard even if you couldn't speak.

We are supposed to help those who can't help themselves.

We are supposed to act like Americans.

We didn't.

May the Lord hold you in his arms and do for you what his servants here on Earth refused to do. You certainly deserve it.

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