Wednesday, April 13, 2005

What Were They Thinking?

According to the Drudge Report earlier this afternoon, the website CafePress was selling T-shirts with the slogan "Kill Bush" along with what appeared to be a bleeding knife wound on it's front. It was so disgusting I decided I had to investigate, so I clicked on the link. At this point, the shenanigans started.

When I clicked on the link I got the message "Product Not Found". Thinking maybe the link was posted incorrectly, I decided to try again later. Ten minutes later I clicked on the very same link and it took me to a page titled "Pro Bush Gear". The classic liberal backtrack was now in full swing. Thinking I was on to something, I checked back 30 minutes later. The same link had now gone full circle: Kill Bush to Pro Bush to lame excuse/apology. That's right, the company was now issuing an apology saying the item should never have been offered in the first place. All of this within the span of one hour.

The question I have is this: Why would any retailer think that a T-shirt soliciting the murder of the President of the United States would be an appropriate item to sell on their website, whether it was seriously suggested or not? No matter what apology the folks at CafePress offer, this was inexcusable. They can't hide behind a policy statement forbidding the sale of hate material on their website, and then blame the problem on a lack of oversight. They have the responsibility of knowing the products that are being offered to their customers.

I wonder if CafePress honestly thought there would be enough customers interested in purchasing this tasteless garment to compensate them for the potential loss of business that could result from offering it in the first place. Most people regardless of political affiliation know there is a line that should never be crossed. CafePress not only crossed the line, they leaped over it! For that, they should be ashamed.

That's My View... What's Your's?

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