Friday, June 10, 2005

ACLU vs. The Patriot Act

From my neck of the woods: Michael Churchill, a fellow blogger and candidate for a Senate seat in South Carolina's 25th District, posts his thoughts regarding the ACLU's aversion to The Patriot Act.

Here's a snippet:

I personally think that the Patriot Act is a great tool for our Government as long as there is oversight involved; furthermore, Bush has plans for such a Committee consisting of five Senators.

However, the ACLU is still lurking around every corner, and in every dark alley of "Red States", reeking havoc on the GOP and trampling all over the United States Constitution.

Senator Feinsteins' Spokesman Gantman made mention to them when he pointed out that, "the ACLU then, for really over a year, had no specific abuses they could point to. On their behalf, I'd say one of their problems, like us, is we have a helluva time getting information from the Justice Department about what was going on there."

My problem is that with such information, it would prove to make the Act less beneficial and cheapen the ability of our Field Agents, because once it is Public how we ascertain and develop Intelligence: the easier it will become to get around it.

I agree. Read the whole thing here. And if you live in South Carolina's 25th District, Vote Churchill.

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