Friday, June 17, 2005

I Didn't Want To Hear This!

Overtaken By Events posts this today:

So our little city now has its very own terrorist wanna-be.

FAYETTEVILLE — A University of Arkansas graduate student who told a professor he was leaving to fight in a Palestinian holy war was in federal custody Thursday.

UA has a rather large percentage of Muslim students, so it was probably inevitable that at least one was a nutbag (and yes, we have nutbags representing every religion). What I can't figure out is why so many Muslims flock to a university that is proudly represented by a pig.

Having spent my middle school through college years in Arkansas and having spent a significant amount of time in Fayetteville calling the Hogs, this is a real shocker to me. I'm glad the little jihadist had a big mouth!

This is further proof that terrorists and those that harbor them, can be found practically anywhere. We should never let our guard down!

A big Pig! Sooie! to those who were involved with his aprehension.


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