Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Morgan Reynolds Update

(Via Drudge)

Apparently Texas A&M University isn’t buying Morgan Reynolds theory for the World Trade Center collapse either.

The University released this today:

The following is a statement from Texas A&M University regarding recent news reports about the collapse of the World Trade Center on 9-11.

Dr. Morgan Reynolds is retired from Texas A&M University, but holds the title of Professor Emeritus-an honorary title bestowed upon select tenured faculty, who have retired with ten or more years of service. Additionally, contrary to some written reports, while some faculty emeriti are allocated office space at Texas A&M, Dr. Reynolds does not have an office on the Texas A&M campus. Any statements made by Dr. Reynolds are in his capacity as a private citizen and do not represent the views of Texas A&M University. Below is a statement released yesterday by Dr. Robert M. Gates, President of Texas A&M University:

"The American people know what they saw with their own eyes on September 11, 2001. To suggest any kind of government conspiracy in the events of that day goes beyond the pale.”

Notice they don’t say his statements “do not necessarily” represent the views of the University, they say they “do not”. Sounds pretty absolute to me. I’d say his chances of getting any office space at A&M anytime soon are slim and none.

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