Wednesday, June 15, 2005

La Shawn Barber Hits a Grand Slam!

Read this La Shawn Barber post if you read nothing else today. La Shawn received an e-mail from someone calling himself "a white liberal". He tried to make a point that she was being used by "white conservatives". If you are familiar with La Shawn's views, then you can imagine her reaction.

Here's a sample:

Such correspondence used to raise my blood pressure, but now I let it roll off like water on a duck’s back. That’s just the way white liberals think. When they’re not calling me an ignorant bigot (sniveling behind aliases, of course), they’re giving me the “heads up” that I’m playing the House Negro for their conservative counterparts. I explained to the e-mailer, as I do with others, that God gave me a brain, and I manage to use it fairly well.

My opinions, which I stand behind publicly, every day on this blog, are mine. For all I care, neo-Nazis (white power!) can agree with every single word I write.

God did, in fact, give La Shawn Barber a brain. The difference between hers and, dare I say, most of ours: It's much bigger and much better utilized.


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