Sunday, June 12, 2005

The Difference Between Us and Them

Michelle Malkin and Gateway Pundit are both covering the appearance of photos showing the American Flag being burned and/or urinated on by Muslims in demonstrations. They also report a lack of coverage by the mainstream media on any of it. I can't say I'm a bit suprised. I can say, however, that I am mad that the mainstream media ignores atrocities when they occur against symbols of the United States, but go completely nuts when terrorists get offended by unproven desecrations of their Quran.

How mad am I, you ask? I am so mad that I decided to write a post to my blog about my anger and vent my frustrations in bytes instead of blood. I didn't go out and start killing others in protest. The idea the flag represents is much greater than the fabric it is made of.

There is a huge difference between us and them.

Am I not using violence and murder because I don't care about the flag and what it represents? To the contrary, I don't use violence and murder because I do care about the flag and what it represents. The American Flag represents and idea born over 200 years ago: An idea that people could self govern and were intended by their creator to be free. Not free to infringe on the rights of others, but free to worship and express themselves in their own way.

The Quran, at least to extremists and terrorists, represents the idea that people are to be subjected to tyranny, forced at risk of death or injury to behave in a certain way, and used as an excuse to murder and maim others.

Of course it is not my intention to paint with a broad brush and label all Muslims as extremists and terrorists. I don't know enough about the religion to make that claim. I can, however, make the claim that people who use a religious document for the purposes of persecution and murder, are, in fact, extremists and terrorists.

It is especially galling that our own media seem to care more about the people who spread hate and violence than they do about the country that give them the freedom to report the news in the first place.

The mainstream media won't report it, but I will, as will others in the blogosphere that are much bigger fish than I. The reason they will is because they love America and what she stands for. They know the enemy is not America but it is terrorists and those who harbor them. They know there is a difference between us and them, and that difference is night and day.

Note: Photos can be found at the links to Michelle Malkin and Gateway Pundit.

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