Saturday, June 11, 2005

From the Blogroll

A big honk of the clown nose to Both Worlds. He goes Under the Big Top and gives his best impression of the obstructionist democrats. Rich Little would be proud. Watch out for the greasepaint and exploding cigars.

Assumption of Command has the link to the Dr. Phil vs. Howard Dean show. I'm rooting for Dr. Phil on this one.

Cao's Blog is sharing the love with an open post. You might want to make your way over there. I did.

Cigar Intelligence Agency has a great write up of a soldier Mowing the Grass in Iraq. This is a must see.

Commonwealth Conservative is still seeking entries for the Weekend Caption Contest. John Behan has left the reins to Will Vehrs for about a week while he is in Williamsburg. If you are in Williamsburg and run into John, tell him I said hello. While you're at it, ask him what his real name is. He says it's the worst kept secret in Virginia. Maybe it is in Virginia, but I still haven't figured it out yet!

Danz Family is celebrating 1 year in the sphere. Go on over and check it out. That's right-the whole thing!

Add Jihad Watch to your blogroll if it isn't there already and read it daily.

Van Helsing at Moonbattery issues a warning: Naked Moonbats on Wheels coming to a city near you. Check your local listings, lock up the kids, and avoid it at all costs!

Jacqueline at The Pelican Post is covering the debacle that is the 9/11 Memorial. She is mad at what it has become and so am I. She covers it like only she can. She offers tons of links to articles and links to government sources where you can express your anger.

Well, I am out of time for today, but I at least got to 'P'. Some were fun, some were serious, but all are good reads.

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