Sunday, July 10, 2005


I'm no weather expert, but Dennis looks terrifying. I always hear the experts talk about well defined eyes and a tight center of circulation being bad. This one appears to meet both qualifications. I'll be paying close attention to this one.

My sister and her family live in Sarasota and my parents also happen to be there visiting right now. I think they are probably ok since they didn't get a direct hit, but I did hear about some high winds and tornadoes in that area. I don't have any solid information about that area yet, but I'm sure I'll hear from them tommorrow. I just got back in town from videotaping a wedding and reception, so I've been in an information/communication vacuum for a good portion of the last two days. I did speak with them this morning, but I'm not sure if conditions worsened for them after that or not. (Note to family: Give us a call in the morning and let us know how you are.)

We also have family in the Panama City area, and it looks like they could get quite a blow from this one. I'm not sure how limited communication will be once this thing hits, so if any of you have information you can share, it would be much appreciated. You can drop me an e-mail or leave a comment if you have information that you feel may be helpful to either those in the affected areas or those concerned about them. I would be glad to spread the word to everyone I know and/or post it here to try to get the word out. Hopefully, it won't be necessary.

I'm praying this one has a bark that's worse than it's bite!


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