Thursday, August 18, 2005

Gaza Withdrawal Has No Upside

I have been wanting to post my thoughts regarding the Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza Strip for a couple of days now. I chose to wait, with the thought that some reflection might allow me to see some small sliver of logic behind this move. Sadly, but not surprisingly, I found none.

I don't know another way to express my thoughts on this matter other than being absolutely direct. This is, without a doubt, one of the most asinine atrocities a democratic government could ever inflict upon its own people. In the interest of forming some sort of peace with the Palestinians, the Israeli government is siding with terrorism over the welfare of its own people. It is a move, in my opinion, that will repay them with further terrorism one hundred fold.

The Palestinian people, whether it is politically correct to say so or not, are a people who are largely controlled by Hamas and other like-minded terror groups. On balance, they do nothing to denounce these terrorist organizations, and by doing nothing, they give them tacit approval for the terrorist attacks they commit against the Jewish people. Israel has just invited them to become their next door neighbors in a one-sided agreement that gives Israel nothing.

The Israeli government has essentially made a deal with the devil. They have decided, for reasons unclear to me, that it is a good idea to forcibly remove its own citizens from their land and give it to a group of people who largely support terrorism against their country. They are replacing largely law abiding citizens with those who largely wish to destroy them.

The terrorism will not stop as a result of this move; it will be thought to have been effective and they will be emboldened by it. They don't merely want their own homeland, they want the total elimination of Israel. They will not stop at Gaza. Next they will demand the West Bank. Will you cede that to them as well? Tel Aviv and Jerusalem will soon follow. Israel gets absolutely nothing in this deal, but gives away practically any guarantee for their future security.

Benjamin Netanyahu, former Israeli Prime Minister, had this to say in an interview with MSNBC anchor Lester Holt:

You know I’ve been advocating policy of fight terrorism, not rewarding terrorism for the last 20 years, probably actually a little more than that, during my days as ambassador in the U.N., I think I’ve carved out a thoroughly consistent record, as a did also as prime minister, what works is when you stand up to terror, what doesn’t work is when you give it rewards. Unfortunately, and probably for good intentions, we’re giving terror a reward which will result in bad consequences. Not only for us by the way, because I think Gaza could very well be, over the next couple of years, may turn out to be an invaluable base for terror, just as Lebanon used to be, because there is no government, and this I fully agree with our ambassador in Washington, you’re really going to see whether Abu Masin does anything to terrorists. He hasn’t lifted a finger, and I suspect he’s not going to lift a finger and the result will be far from advancing the cause of peace, which I fervently want, this will set peace back and set terror forward.

Read the whole thing.

This is from a man who has forgotten more about fighting terrorism than most of us will ever know! He believes, as do I, that this is a bad deal despite what may have been good intentions.

We have all heard that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Whether it was intended or not, this pullout, which lacks reciprocity and built in security for Israel, puts hell that much closer to their doorstep.

Thanks to Mudville Gazette Open Post


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