Friday, October 28, 2005

Snort! Snort! Snort!

I guess you can tell by the title of the post that I am in no mood to be serious today. Reason #1: I have been much too serious for the last 3 days or so, and I just don't have the steam to make it 4. Reason #2: I have felt all day as if I have been run over by a very large cement truck. Other than that, I'm fine. Thanks for asking!

Back to the post title: I was finishing up my post and sending TrackBack pings at around 2 this morning, when what to my swollen eyes did appear? This post by Independent Sources and eight tiny reindeer. Ok, I made up the reindeer part because it's really hard to find something that rhymes with Independent Sources at 2 in the morning.

It's called the Bork-o-matic. It slices! It dices!... actually it doesn't(Did I mention there are a lot of infomercials on TV at 2 in the morning?). It is actually a flow chart with instuctions for, you guessed it, "Borking" judicial nominees. Apparently the Democrats have gotten confused over the years as to which step is next and needed an easier way to stay on topic.

Independent Sources explains it this way:

Independent Sources has happened upon Senate Democrat’s secret flow chart that provides guidance to Barbara Boxer and friends on how to handle Supreme
Court nominees. It explains so much. You’ll be shocked! Dismayed! And then you’ll realize that once the President’s next selection is announced, you’re going to save an immense amount of time ignoring the Democrat’s rote opposition.

So save this and check off the boxes as the next “extreme right wing” nominee
moves toward a vote on the Senate floor

Ok, now for the instructions:

  1. Put down anything you may be drinking and take it into another room.(Trust me on this one.)
  2. Click on this link.
  3. Enjoy!

I also would like to apologize to the gang at Independent Sources for not linking this post last night. It wasn't because I didn't enjoy it, it was because I simply was not capable. I don't generally see reindeer in October no matter what my wife says. Besides, would you really have wanted to read this if I had written it early this morning? I didn't think so.

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