Friday, November 11, 2005

Computer Crash Update!

I have taken my computer to someone for repair, and I have some bad news. My hard drive and my keyboard will have to be replaced for my laptop to be operational again.

The problem was caused by a drink spill that I did not realize had compromised my system. A small amount of liquid splashed onto my keyboard from about 3 feet from where I was sitting. I wiped what appeared to be only a few tiny drops from my keyboard and thought no more about it. Some of those drops seeped into the keyboard and caused a short. As luck would have it, some also made it down to my hard drive. If I didn't have bad luck....

Fortunately, my motherboard was spared, so it could have been a lot worse. As far as blogging is concerned however, I am essentially shut down. I am posting here and there as I can find a computer, but posting will be light for the next few days. This may be disappointing for some and possibly a relief for others, but for me it is absolutely miserable.

Blogging has become a part of my life and a great outlet for my frustrations, so not being able to sit down at the computer and post at will is a little hard to deal with. It is also frustrating not being able to keep up with what my "virtual" friends are writing. I will post as I can, but it will be light for the next few days.
I hope you will excuse any spelling and gramatical errors in this post as I am on, you guessed it, a borrowed computer. In the meantime, keep checking in. If I'm not here, surf my blogroll and check out what my favorite bloggers are saying.
(If you need a Pundit with two P's in the title, you can't go wrong with Partisan Pundit.)

If I have learned anything, it is this:

Never discount a few drops of liquid on the keyboard of a laptop. Even if you think you got it all and there wasn't enough to cause a problem, Murphy's law should tell you it will find it's way to some crucial component of your computer.

By the way, in case you were wondering, the liquid in question was sweet tea. I am a Southerner, you know!

(Also, if you happen to see any free laptops falling from the sky, please let me know.)

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