Friday, November 04, 2005

President Carter Says Something That Makes Sense

(Via The Washington Times)

Former President Jimmy Carter made a speech yesterday that is likely to send shockwaves throughout the Democratic Party:

Former President Jimmy Carter yesterday condemned all abortions and chastised
his party for its intolerance of candidates and nominees who oppose
abortion. "I never have felt that any abortion should be committed --
I think each abortion is the result of a series of errors," he told reporters
over breakfast at the Ritz-CarltonHotel, while across town Senate Democrats
deliberated whether to filibuster the nomination of Judge Samuel A. Alito Jr.
because he may share President Bush and Mr. Carter's abhorrence of
abortion. "These things impact other issues on which [Mr. Bush] and I
basically agree," the Georgia Democrat said. "I've never been convinced, if you
let me inject my Christianity into it, that Jesus Christ would approve

I have to say; I applaud him for standing before the press and actually saying what he believes. Instead of carrying the water for the Democratic Party, He stood on principle with apparent disregard for the backlash that might result.

He added:

"I have always thought it was not in the mainstream of the American public to be
extremely liberal on many issues," Mr. Carter said. "I think our party's leaders
-- some of them -- are overemphasizing the abortion issue."

I’m sure the liberals in this country are going to hate hear this, but it is true. Abortion is an issue the Democratic Party has staked its future on, but it will never be an issue that will bring them long-term success. It’s simply too volatile to ever become mainstream.

The abortion issue has always been framed in the context of “reproductive rights” or “a woman’s right to choose”, but never as what it actually is: murder. The issue is framed in these ways because support for it would be practically nonexistent if presented at face value. The support abortion has garnered has only come through describing it in less horrific terms, and even at that, has never been widely accepted enough to be considered mainstream. He is right when he says the issue has been overemphasized.

And now for the bombshell:

Mr. Carter said his party lost the 2004 presidential elections and lost House
and Senate seats because Democratic leaders failed "to demonstrate a
compatibility with the deeply religious people in this country.

I’m quite sure this will raise some eyebrows. He has basically said that the party most identified by its secularism is losing because it is to secular. If you treat the religious in this country as if they are extremist kooks and nuts, then those extremist kooks and nuts will not vote for you. Ever! It’s just that simple!

We don't agree on much, but I have to give credit where credit is due. You hit that one out of the park, Mr. President! Bravo!

Update 11:14pm: Sharing the same brain with Tran Sient, who has similar thoughts but, like me, is still waiting for the other shoe to drop.

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