Monday, January 30, 2006

Filibuster Fails!

Alito filibuster fails on a 72-25 vote:

WASHINGTON - The Senate all but guaranteed Samuel Alito’s confirmation as the nation’s 110th Supreme Court justice Monday, shutting down a last-minute attempt by liberals to block the conservative judge’s nomination with a filibuster.

Republican and Democratic senators on a 72-25 vote agreed to end their debate, setting up a Tuesday morning vote on his confirmation to replace retiring moderate Justice Sandra Day O’Connor.

With at least 57 votes committed to Alito — 53 Republicans and four Democrats — approval by majority vote in the 100-member Senate is now seemingly assured.

It should be an interesting day tommorrow. All signs point to President Bush introducing the newest Supreme Court justice at tomorrow's State of the Union Address.

On a related note: Based on the spread, Kerry and Kennedy appear to be even worse mathemeticians than previously thought. Is it possible to have negative political capital?

To add insult to injury, Kennedy marked the occasion by throwing a largely nonsensical hissie fit. Will link to translation when and if it becomes available.

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