Sunday, May 15, 2005

E-Mailing Senator Harry Reid

It may not be obvious to those who have been reading me lately, but this blog is not solely about Senator Harry Reid(D-NV). It only appears that way. Earlier in the week, I invited all who were concerned about Senator Reid's disgusting rhetoric to e-mail him and ask him to discontinue it. I feel I owe it to you to reveal the results.

Let me start off by saying that Senator Reid's e-mail form states that replies will not be sent to those who are not citizens of the State of Nevada, so I didn't expect a response, though I hoped for one.

This is the e-mail I sent:

Dear Honorable Senator Reid,

I am writing to ask that you choose your words more carefully in public. While I am not a citizen of your state, I am concerned about your rhetoric as of late.

I feel that it is unbecoming of a man of your stature and position to continue directing cheap shots toward our President.

While you may not agree with his positions, it does neither yourself nor your party any favors to continue attacking the personal character of our president. You owe more to the people of your state and your country than that.

While I believe disagreements on policy are perfectly acceptable, I don't believe personal character attacks are. I think this rhetoric has a tendency to offend those on both sides of the political aisle and is below the office you hold.

I'm sure all would welcome a healthy political debate and would appreciate comments limited to that.

Thank You for your time and attention in this matter.


Barry Ready

This is the response I received:

Thank you for contacting me.  I am pleased to hear your thoughts.
I will try to respond to your message as soon as possible.

Due to the high volume of correspondence I receive daily,
I am only able to respond to messages from Nevadans.
If you reside in another state and would like to contact your
Senators, please go to the following address:

My best wishes to you.


United States Senator

Obviously a form letter. I am sure if he had read it, he wouldn't have been pleased to hear my thoughts. Once again, let me assure you that this is exactly what I expected to get. What bothers me, however, is that his comments aren't only affecting the citizens of the State of Nevada, but the entire nation as a whole.

All of this made me wonder what type of response would be given to the same request from someone who is a resident of Nevada. It would be really interesting to find out.

So here's the game if you would like to play:

If you are a resident of Nevada, and would like to find out, send Senator Reid an e-mail here.
When you get a response, feel free to leave a comment about it in the comments section of this post. Don't worry about leaving the full text of the response if you are worried about legalities. A summary will be fine. If you get something other than a form letter, it would be interesting to see. I'm doubtful, but you never know!

Attention Trolls: I am fully aware that all senators have a form letter that they send out, so I will concede that point from the start. This e-mail game only involves Senator Harry Reid and the responses he gives for his behavior. I don't want to know your opinions of President Bush, Dick Cheney, Dr. Condoleeza Rice, Tom Delay, or anyone else from center-to-right in the political spectrum. I am fully aware of your opinions in that regard. There are tons of other places you can go that will welcome those comments. They will be deleted here.

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