Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Hey Zarqawi, Can We Talk?

Fox News has an interesting story today titled "Zarqawi Group Blasts Rice Iraq Visit".

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — Al Qaeda in Iraq purportedly posted an Internet statement Tuesday blasting Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice's recent visit to Iraq and criticizing her calls to include Sunni Arabs in the political process.

The statement, posted on a Web site that has previously carried similar communiques, said Rice was not welcome in Iraq and that she had "desecrated" its land. The authenticity of the statement, which was signed by the so-called spokesman of the group, Abu Maysara al-Iraqi could not be verified.

The group, believed to be led by the Jordanian-born Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, is held responsible for kidnappings, beheadings and killings and some of the deadliest bombings in Iraq


So basically these terrorist thugs run around the Iraqi countryside killing anything and everything in sight, including hundreds of innocent civilians, then expect us to believe Secretary Rice is the problem? Give me a break!

More of the statement:

"The hag wants the participation of the apostates and secularists who are claiming to be Sunnis," the statement said about Rice. "You should know that our [the Sunni] way is fighting you."

"The constitution is written only by those who disavowed their belief in God's book," the statement added. "Our belief entails that the sword and bullets are our way of holding dialogue with you."

And as reminder that "Newsweek Lied*.People Died", the statement also had this to say:

"You will not get away with insulting God's book," the statement said.

I've got an idea for Zarqawi and his band of thugs:

There are several thousand of my closest friends over there in the desert looking for you as we speak. Why don't ya'll come out from behind that modem and pick a time and place. I'm sure they would love to meet with you and talk this thing out.

They won't do it because words and threats are about the only real weapons they have left. They are still armed and dangerous, but the Iraqi people are finally getting a taste of freedom and as the coming days pass, they will realize that it is worth fighting and dying for. Many already do. More and more will come into the fold each and every day.

The time is rapidly approaching when they will run out of friends, find no safe quarter, and have no place to hide. It is then they will know they were on the wrong side of freedom, and that is no place you want to be.

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