Thursday, July 14, 2005

If These Walls Could Talk

Don Surber had a post yesterday that would be absolutely hilarious if it didn't involve such a waste of taxpayer money. The West Virginia taxpayers were asked to pay $27 million to build new headquarters for it's Division of Environmental Protection. The idea was to build an environmentally friendly building. What they got instead was a certain insect who took the environmentally friendly invitation a little too seriously:

West Virginia taxpayers spent $21 million, make that $23 million, OK, $27 million to build an environmentally friendly headquarters for its Division of Environmental Protection. Along the way, yea, there was that lawsuit that accused the contractor of damaging and dirtying homes. But with its biodegradable tiles and its energy-efficient design, the building is environmentally friendly.

Very environmentally friendly.

Too environmentally friendly. It is now infested with midges. Thousands of these tiny bugs are crawling all over the environmentally friendly building. They turned off the fountain and exterior lights. They have called the exterminators.

I say get some trout in there. Rainbow trout. They eat midges. Then you bring in my wife's Uncle Milford to eat the trout.

I have just one question:

What exactly do exterminators spray with when they make a call to the Division of Environmental Protection? I'd sure love to be a fly on the wall... Well, maybe not.


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