Sunday, July 24, 2005

Kerry Practices Fillibuster Technique at Tour De France

From the " Sometimes A Comment Warrants It's Own Post Department", this from Independent Sources:

Kerry nearly stops OLN’s TdF coverage with Filibuster-like Answer to Simple Question

John Kerry dropped in on the OLN coverage of Stage 20 of the Tour de France. We’re not sure if he was stumping in Saint-Etienne but he quickly showed what a lifetime in politics does to one’s ability to give simple answers.

Senator Kerry was asked two brief questions about Lance Armstrong and Lance’s legacy. Both could have easily been answered with quick sound bites—which no doubt was what the OLN producers expected. Instead Kerry looked as though he was in training for a judicial nominee filibuster. His responses dragged on for well over 2 minutes and given Kerry’s plodding, pause-filled, mind numbing delivery, it seemed even longer. Kerry’s soliloquy went so long in fact that OLN was forced to reduce him to a small box in the corner of the screen so that viewers wouldn’t miss even more of the race while he chatted away. By the way, if a two minute interrupted stream of consciousness doesn’t sound long to you, just try talking non-stop for that long without it seeming like an eternity for both you and your audience.

Read the whole thing here.

Warning: Do not read while eating or drinking! (The snort factor is off-scale high in my opinion)

Big Tip 'O The Hat to Independent Sources for the link.


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