Friday, August 19, 2005

ACLU To Start Advising Terrorists

Jay at Stop the ACLU brought some breaking news to my attention:

(Via World Net Daily)

Prisoners advised of ‘right’ not to answer interrogators

U.S. military sources tell Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin that American Civil Liberties Union attorneys have been permitted to advise Guantanamo Bay prisoners, including Taliban and al-Qaida operatives, that they have the right not to answer the questions of interrogators.

In addition, the Pentagon has brought in a veteran staff attorney from the ACLU to serve as chief defense counsel in future military tribunals.

That story is breaking now at the premium, online, intelligence newsletter published by the founder of WND.

Jay adds:

I think there will be more to come on this. But just a short note…I know all of these prisoners might not be guilty, but many of them are without question. Many are sworn enemies of America bent on destroying liberty. How does this fall into American civil liberties? And why is it not considered aiding the enemy? And why is the pentagon involved in this crap? The ACLU is on the wrong side of liberty yet again.

Looks like the ACLU is proving yet again they would rather embolden terrorists than defend the rights of ordinary Americans. Oh, I forgot! They haven't been in that business in quite a while.

By the way, if anyone from the ACLU is reading this, I have some information that you might find particularly helpful: The detainees at Guantanamo Bay aren't Americans, they're terrorists!
I think a name change might be in order if this is the class of people you feel you have to defend.
If you merely change the 'A' to a 'T' you would more accurately reflect your current mission statement. Just a thought!

Thanks to Mudville Gazette Open Post


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