Monday, August 29, 2005

Hurricane Katrina

It appears as though Hurricane Katrina wasn't as catastrophic to New Orleans as was predicted, which is to say that New Orleans still exists. From everything I was hearing yesterday, a direct hit would have completely destroyed the city. Comparisons were made to Atlantis, and from the looks of the storm yesterday, I was inclined to believe them. Thankfully that dire prediction didn't come to pass. That said, from all of the footage I have seen, this storm has inflicted some horrific damage along the coastlines of Louisianna and Mississippi, and continues to be a real threat further inland. It will probably be tommorrow or later before we know the full damage done by Katrina, but I think it is safe to say that it lived up to the hype.

I have never in my lifetime seen such a menacing looking storm and I thank God I was not in its path. My thoughts and prayers are with those who were and still are. I cannot imagine a more terrifying event to endure.

Leaving work today, I got soaked by an afternoon shower (possibly a far reaching rain band from Katrina) and a thought hit me. Most of the time I am annoyed when I get soaked by an afternoon thunderstorm or rain shower, but not today. Today I considered myself extremely fortunate to be riding home in wet clothes, because I knew I had a home to go back to and dry clothes to put on when I got there. I knew where my next meal was coming from and where I would lay my head tonight. There are many who don't have that luxury this evening, and possibly won't for some time. Keep them in your thoughts and prayers, because that may be all some have going for them right now.

Thanks to Outside the Beltway Traffic Jam and Mudville Gazette Open Post

Update: Brendan Loy has been extensively following Katrina. Lots of great information and eye-opening photos. Just start at the top and scroll!


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