Tuesday, August 30, 2005

I Was Wrong

I spoke prematurely yesterday regarding the severity of Hurricane Katrina, especially as it relates to New Orleans. A 200 foot break has occurred in the levee surrounding the 17th Street Canal and is slowly flooding the city. From everything I have heard, the flooding will continue until it is either stopped, or the level of water in the city is equal to that of Lake Pontchartrain. I have no idea how deep that is, but if that occurs it will be catastrophic.

An attempt is going to be made to drop huge sandbags by helicoptor into the break with the hopes that it will seal the break. Hopefully this will stop the flooding or at the very least, slow it down. I haven't been able to follow the story as closely as I would have liked due to work, so I won't attempt to provide many details here. The information above has been pulled in snippets from Brendan Loy's website as he has been following it from the beginning. I'm sure there are a lot details I have left out, so for accuracy's sake check it out there. I have found no better place to get detailed and updated information on Katrina. He links lots of other places as well.

Since there is a lot of information I am not aware of regarding this tragedy, it is probably best for me not to discuss the details for fear of getting them wrong. Had I known about the breach in the levee, yesterday's post would have been a lot different. I am not sure when the breach occurred, but I still want to apologize for reacting prematurely. I in no way intended to diminish the severity of the events and should have left the analysis to the experts.

Please keep those in Louisianna, Mississippi, and Alabama in your thoughts and prayers. Many lives have been lost and countless others have been forever changed. May God be with them and with those who endeavor to help them.


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