Friday, May 27, 2005

5000 Hits!

Blogging has been light today. I guess it has been one of those days where life gets in the way of blogging, and that's perfectly fine. I happen to really like my life outside of this blogging hobby and the time off to recharge the batteries so to speak, is a good thing. I suppose it all equals out since I was up until around 2am tracking the Bolton thing.

I thought I would mention something that really made me feel good today. I looked at my statcounter this afternoon and saw that I have now gotten 5000 hits. I know there's probably nothing magical about the number, but I never thought when I started this thing in March that I would ever even get 100.

I know that quite a few of those hits came from yours truly, but the overwhelming majority are from the people who have visited and read what I had to say. Quite a few keep coming back, and that really makes it seem worthwhile. Not everyone agrees with me and a few have corrected my misteps, but I appreciate each one just the same.

I know there are a lot of big names that get 5,000 hits each day before they finish brushing their teeth in the morning, but I am ecstatic about the traffic I have gotten so far. I'll keep it up as long as there is still interest, whether it be mine, yours, or a little of both.

As long as I have a modem and some spare time, I'll be here. I hope you will too.

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