Thursday, May 26, 2005

Cloture Vote on Bolton Fails

(Via GOP Bloggers)

Vote Tally: 56-42

Reid/Frist Exchange(Via Michelle Malkin):

656pm. Sen. Harry Reid on the floor: "We're not here to filibuster Bolton, we're here to get information."

658pm Frist: It certainly sounds like a filibuster. It quacks like a filibuster.
It does disappoint me...We are going to come back to this issue...but I think what America has just seen is an engagement of another period of obstruction by the other side...once again, another filibuster...

700pm. Reid: We need to work together and we're going to work together, but how can we work together when we don't have information...

Blogs for Bush liveblogged it here.

Well, I wonder how those 7 Republicans, Lindsey Graham included, feel about their little agreement now! I am fully aware that Bolton is not a judicial nominee, but this just shows that the Democrats are still in the obstruction business and are there to stay. You should have nuked them when you had the chance. I wonder it any of you have the guts to do it now!

Update: Rick Edwards at Powerpundit has some astute observations on the matter.

The Political Teen has the video.

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