Friday, May 20, 2005

Saddam the Humiliated

It appears Saddam Hussein wants to sue the British Newspaper, The Sun, for publishing pictures of him in his underwear.

According to BBC News:

Saddam Hussein plans to take legal action after a British newspaper published photos of him half-naked in his prison cell and doing his washing.

"We will sue the newspaper and everyone who helped in showing these pictures," said Saddam Hussein's chief lawyer Ziad Al-Khasawneh, speaking from Jordan.

The Sun newspaper said it would fight any legal action and said it planned to publish more photos on Saturday.

The US has launched an investigation into how the photos were leaked.

The US military and legal experts said the photos - possibly taken more than a year ago - may breach Geneva Convention rules on the humane treatment of prisoners of war.

The conventions say countries must protect prisoners of war in their custody from "public curiosity".

Saddam Hussein is being held by US troops at an undisclosed location in Iraq as he awaits trial on numerous charges, including murdering rivals, gassing Iraqi Kurds and using violence to suppress uprisings.

Let me get this straight: We're supposed to feel bad for Saddam Hussein because some pictures were somehow leaked showing him in his underwear? I think Powerline summed it up best with their headline, "Cry Me A River".

This from the man who had people put feet first into wood chippers so that they would suffer longer before dying, used weapons of mass distruction(yes, he had them at one time)to gas his own people, buried thousands in mass graves, had tongues cut out of those who dared to disagree with him, and routinely had people exterminated for little or no reason at all. This is the man that is embarrassed and humiliated for the world to see him in his underwear? I've got a few tunes I'd like to play for him on the world's smallest violin!

Do you want to know how bad he actually has it? According to Michelle Malkin, not bad at all:

The terribly abused tyrant gets hair dye, example, "to keep his mane youthful-looking."

He gets three squares a day, a fluffy pillow, and full-air conditioning. Plus, "He can exercise in a 4,300-square-foot back yard while razor wire keeps out would-be attackers. He tends a small garden in a nearby courtyard."

It's really hard to feel sorry for someone who is given the royal treatment considering the treatment he routinely gave to others. If there is a crime that has been committed in this whole affair, it is the fact that he is being treated so well!

Note: The New York Post has more info on Saddam's present living conditions here. (Requires free, somewhat painless, registration) Sure, they're not as good as they were when he controlled practically 100% of the total wealth in Iraq, but it's much better than he deserves and considerably better than the troops that had to pull him out of the spider hole to send him there.

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