Thursday, May 19, 2005

The Donald is Right!


(Via Chrenkoff)

This is what I think the World Trade Center should look like when it is rebuilt. The same as it was before the September 11 attacks, only taller and stronger. What a message to send to the terrorists and those who would do us harm. We will not be intimidated!

This is what Trump had to say:

The Associated Press
Wednesday, May 18, 2005; 2:51 PM

NEW YORK -- Donald Trump has his own plans for rebuilding the World Trade Center.

Trump unveiled his plans at a news conference this morning. He wants to build two Twin Towers, similar to the ones that were destroyed on September Eleventh, however the new towers would each be one story higher than the old towers.

Trump says the Freedom Tower design being considered now looks like a skeleton. If that tower is built, Trump says "the terrorists win."

The new twin tower design being pushed by Trump was actually built by engineer Ken Gardner - who has had a nine-foot-tall model for more than one year.

Like him or hate him, Trump is right about this one. The best way to defeat the terrorists is to put the towers back up the way they were!

What do you think?

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