Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Press Refusing to Face Facts

Powerpundit has responded to the melee that was once known as the Daily Press Briefing. Apparently, the White House Press Corps can't come to grips with the fact that Newsweek is at fault in the Koran flushing story. A member of the press corps even had the audacity to ask Scott McClellan, "Who made you the editor of Newsweek?".

Here's a thought: Maybe if McClellan had been editor of Newsweek, he would have had enough sense not to run the story in the first place! The current editor is the one that should be drawing the ire of the media for yet again allowing them to look incompetent.

As to Powerpundit's question, "Aren't you glad that you have sites like this and others on the internet, as well as other new broadcast and print media to get your information from, instead of those neanderthals?", I, for one, certainly am.

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