Friday, October 14, 2005

Madonna aka Supermom!

(This is London via Drudge)

Madonna on parenting:

"I'm a disciplinarian. Guy's the spoiler," she says in an interview with
Harpers & Queen magazine. "When Daddy gets home, they're going to get
chocolate. I'm more practical; I worry about their teeth and make sure they're
getting their schoolwork done. I'm very schedlotuled, I make lists."

The woman who made her name as a mass media idol, continues: "My kids don't watch TV. We have televisions but they're not hooked up to anything but movies.
"TV is trash. I was raised without it. We don't have magazines or newspapers
in the house either."

Ritchie, who directed Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch, treats the children to pizza and bike rides. "Guy is into doing wild stuff outside, taking them out on bikes," she says.

"He's good cop, I'm bad cop. The kids watch movies every Sunday, so if they're naughty, they get their movie taken away. If they're a little naughty, then no stories before bed." (Emphasis mine)

Would this qualify as naughty? What about this, this, or this?

I'm having trouble imagining a scenario in which my parental skills could be improved by turning to Madonna for advice and guidance in this area. She has made a career out of wearing lingerie as outerwear and thrives on being controversial and lewd, and I'm supposed to take her seriously as a go-to source for teaching children not to jump on the bed and how to be model citizens? I don't think so!

Madonna calling TV "trash" brings to mind the words of Phoebe Buffet of the sitcom "Friends":

"Hello kettle, I'm pot, and you're black"


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