Saturday, May 28, 2005

The Best of My Blog Buddies

Sailor says the Constitutional Option is still on the table. If it truly is, the Republicans had better turn the keys and push the button. While you're there, read the whole page! All of it is spot on!

Mustang 23, reporting from the Cradle of Civilization with lots of good news the Mainstream Media would prefer you didn't know. I would prefer that you did!

John Behan reports some interesting developments and analysis of Virginia politics. Interesting and informative as usual.

Barry Johnson is headed to the Outer Banks with the wife and the dog and will be modemless for an entire week. I guess the rest of us cynics will just have to work that much harder. Thanks a lot Barry!

Don demonstates why Pajamas Media is an excellent idea. A man, a camera, and a modem provide stunning images of the implosion of the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City. Ten years ago, he was there when it all happened, both during the explosion and the demolition.

Animal rights activists love animals, but can't stand people. Van Helsing has proof.

Amen, Jacqueline!

Tran Sient has the scoop on Linda Foley. I haven't seen this anywhere else and that is a shame!

This Memorial Day, send some love this way. She's fighting the battle on the homefront while her husband is fighting for Freedom in Iraq.

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